Becak: /bet-cha/
an Indonesian trishaw

On the Road

San Francisco has been a great place to give tours by Becak. I love the Mission District but it’s time to try someplace else. We’re taking the year to visit different cities in the Becak with the aim of finding a cheaper, smaller place to settle that is also easy to cycle around and has a vibrent university. A city with warm evenings and few franchises would be ideal.

I look forward to meeting people, giving rides, and exploring new cities. We’re in SLO til the end of the month, then heading north Bellingham Washington for July and August. Check @becaksf on Instagram for updates on our progress. I'm always ready to travel a bit for paid events, especially weddings.

Call about a ride:+1 831-246-6640

Custom Events

Other Events

Bringing a newborn home from hospital? Need a ride in the parade? Yes please!