Becak: /bet-cha/ an Indonesian rickshaw or pedicab
Photo by: Zoe Larkin Photography Becak: /bet-cha/
an Indonesian trishaw

Ride San Francisco’s Becak

Sit back in the becak and be transported through the alleyways and into the hidden corners of this colorful historic city.

Although the pandemic has shut down tourism for now, the becak is still a safe and fun means of transportation for locals who need to make special trips to the store, the market, the office, or just to unwind with a hot cocktail while listening to your music and taking in the lights of the city.

There’s lots of air circulation and the surfaces are easily sanitized, while the canopy provides a shield between the driver and passengers. Please don’t hesitate to call about a ride. Or book a Rickshaw Street Art Tour through Airbnb.
+1 831-246-6640

Mission Street Art Tour

Rickshaw Street Art Tour

Spend two hours rolling through the Mission in the becak’s comfortable leather seat. Passing through the alleys and back streets, you’ll experience a diversity of mural and graffitti styles from renowned local and international artists. Take this Airbnb Experience

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Bringing a newborn home from hospital? Need a ride in the parade?