Photo by: Kai Bansner

City Hall is one of San Francisco’s most iconic public buildings and is the perfect photo location for your civic ceremony. Once you’ve signed the papers, and completed all formalities, step outside into your getaway becak. Time to sit back, relax, enjoy the music and the bubbly as you’re ridden to your first destination as a married couple.

Photo by: Zoe Larkin Photography

What we can customize

The becak can be customized for your big day. From personalized wheel covers, to the stereo loaded with your ‘Our Song’ tunes, we do it all.

Photo by: Zoe Larkin Photography


Half-day rate for San Francisco weddings.

Day rate for venues outside San Francisco; includes van transport of becak.

A second carrage (becak) can be hired to shuttle guests.
Flower bouquet and other decorations available.

Email or text me for avalibility.
Mobile: +1 831-246-6640

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