Photo by: Zoe Larkin Photography

What we’ll do

There are more murals in the San Francisco Mission District than any other neighborhood in the country! Besides the classically known alleys — Clarion and Balmy — many back streets filled with lesser known but equally stunning murals and works of art await your discovery.

You (and your companion) ride comfortably in the front of this custom-built rickshaw imported from Indonesia. This rickshaw, known in Indonesia as a becak, enhances the sightseeing experience by having the driver behind you, out of your line of vision.

On our ride I share stories behind the art, show you hidden treasures of the neighborhood, and point out funky cafés, bars, and restaurants not always found by tourists.

We will end your ride at La Taqueria, the best known in the Mission, for an agua fresca or a mouthwatering taco. (An alternative will have to be selected on Monday or Tuesday, as La Taqueria is closed those days.)

Exploring the murals from the comfortable front seat of a becak is a unique and delightful experience.

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