Booze Cruze

Remember those halcyon pre-COVID days when you could sit outside Beretta on a warm evening and enjoy a cocktail? These days lots of the bars in the Mission are offering to-go cocktails; the only probem is there’s nowhere to sit.

Let the becak come to your rescue.

The becak, like a couch on wheels, comes with a quiet pilot to ride you and a friend around the Mission with a cocktail or two in hand. Current known offerings include: Standard Deviant, Shotwell’s, 20 Spot, Beretta, Amados, Clooney’s … or let’s just explore and find your new favorite cocktail spot.

For the COVID-anxious, there’s plenty of air circulation, all the surfaces are cleaned between rides, and the canopy provides a protective shield between the driver and passengers. Book online, or call with any questions.

Becak comforts

Red leather becak seat

The becak has leaf spring suspension, laser etched leather seats, aged teak siding, stereo speakers and cupholders for your cocktails.


$50 for up to 90 minutes, booze not included. (1-2 people or 350lbs.)

Please use the Square appointments widget below to book or contact me via email or SMS with questions. Most bars on the Booze Cruze are open between 4p-7p; please keep this in mind when booking.
Mobile: +1 831-246-6640

eGift Cards available too.

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