Becak Plans

Below are links to downloadable PDFs of the Becak plans I created with SketchApp for the welders, carpenters, upholsterers. I’ll be adding more details and material specifications as time permits.

frame+cab.pdfversion 1.0
version 2.0
Bigger seat and wheel covers, smaller foot box, shorter frame. Add air shocks under cab.
frame.pdfversion 1.0
version 2.0
Eccentric bottom bracket, seat angle 4deg more vertical, seat stays 3cm shorter, thicker top and bottom tubes. Reduced headtube angle by 2deg.
Cab Frame Side
version 2.0
5cm deeper seat. 5cm smaller foot box.
Cab Frame Top
version 2.0
7cm wider frame.
Cab Seat Structure
cab-seat-structure.pdfversion 1.0
2cm and 3cm flat bar
Steel rod solid and tubular
version 2.0
Enlarged sink area under wheel covers for more room around hips in the seat
Cab Seat Sheet Metal
version 2.0
More aluminum, less wood.
Decorative Tubing
version 2.0
Longer, wider arm rests
version 2.0
2cm wider arm rest, 6cm longer. Larger cup holders.
Wood Seat Back Side
version 2.0
1.5cm trimmed off seat back to make seat bottom slide under seat back.
Wood Seat Back
version 2.0
80cm seat back, 7cm wider than v1
Wood Floor & Foot Box Side
version 2.0
Cusion Seat Frame
version 2.0
Taller bullnose seat to make up for smaller foot box.
Seat Bottom Tabs
version 2.0
Canopy Down
canopy-down.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy up
canopy-up.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy Heart
canopy-heart.pdfversion 1.0
Canopy Parts
canopy-parts.pdfversion 1.0